Get Lean

“90 day challenge”

We dare you to take this challenge! This package is sure to help you transform your body! Take control of your life and your body. You are worth it!

This is our most popular package. Getting ready for an event? Are you getting married? Do you want to tone up or slim down for the big day? This 12-Week Challenge package involves training with one of SFC’s certified personal trainers 3 times a week for an intensive 30-minute workout. You won’t have to think about your workouts at all. SFC will design a progressive workout program so that you see results!

Get Lean Together

Keeping up with a fitness program is a lot easier when you have a friend or partner who is committed to doing the same. Training together is not only a great way to get results, but you will have a GREAT time achieving them! If you decide on the “Get Lean Together” option, you can keep one another focused on your common goal.

Your LEAN Package

– Initial fitness assessment tests and consultation
– Full set of before and after color pictures
– 36 private 30-minute training sessions customized to YOUR needs
– Comprehensive nutritional plan

*** To be taken over a 3 month period minimum 3 sessions/week.

$1260 – Get lean now!
$1500 – Get lean together now!

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