About Us


Simply Fit Canada was launched in 2008 to meet the growing market of people whose goals far exceed that of the session-to-session mentality, but aim and strive for a better quality of life so they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labour long after they have retired. Simply Fit Canada Inc. also provides specialty programs in Sport-Specific Conditioning, Weight Loss Management and Advanced Fitness Testing.

Simply Fit Canada Inc. is a semi-private training facility in the heart of Griffin Town ; Montreal’s newest up and coming district.

Training here is like working out in your ultimate garage gym crossed with a cool, clean, corporate feel. At SFC we focus on the reasons you come to the gym. You come to train, learn, sweat, and improve your fitness level! That’s why we decided that things like HUGE floor space wasn’t necessary, and big comfy sofas placed in front of wide screen TV’s were better left at home. You won’t find us running behind you kissing butt here, BUT we WILL show you ways to firm it, shape it and KICK IT! Yes! It’s a classy spot but don’t be deceived by it’s looks.

“Our Mission is to enable and empower our clients to reach an optimal level of health and human performance through the development of scientifically based individualized training programs, sound nutritional habits and innovative approaches to overall health and performance.”

Why Choose Us?

What we do very well is TEACH. We don’t just tell you to do an exercise, we show you how and explain why. Proper form and technique is what is taught and practiced here. Our unique “boutique” style establishment enables us to constantly monitor our clients as well as allow just the right amount of privacy.