Get Buffed!


“Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are important to me and I’m making a commitment!”

This package is the ultimate training package. It is designed for the person who is ready to work out on a consistent basis to take their training to the next level.

Get Buffed Together

Keeping up with a fitness program is a lot easier when you have a friend or partner who is committed to doing the same. Training together is not only a great way to get results, but you will have a GREAT time achieving them! If you decide on the “Get Buffed Together” option, you can keep one another focused on your common goal.

Your BUFFED Package

  • Initial fitness assessment tests and consultation
  • Full set of before and after color pictures
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • 60 private 1 hour training sessions customized to YOUR needs
  • Comprehensive nutritional plan

*** To be taken over a 5 month period minimum 3 sessions/week.

$3200 – Get buffed now!

$3600 – Get buffed together now!