Week 2 day 2 KB challenge

August 12,2014:

Often when I’d get critical of my age, or my condition, the people who cared enough to offer an honest opinion would tell me I looked good and was in great shape….some would add “for your age” which to me, would be better left unsaid. What is a 51 year old supposed to look like anyways? Old?

This morning, while getting ready to leave for work I caught a glimpse of my back in the mirror. I must say that within a week I noticed a difference in the leanness! I’m extremely hard to please. ESPECIALLY when it comes to what I think about how I am. But…hmmmmm very interesting.

Today was my swings combined with chin ups. Last week I found the chins to be quite easy. Chins have always come easy for me. So today I added a band to add extra resistance. To my complete surprise I flew through this workout! I even broke 30 minutes! YUP!! 29:56 to be exact. ┬áLike now I’m wondering when will it stop? Just how fast can I keep going? I guess we will see. Tomorrow is off so we will talk again on Thursday.


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