Nutrition is 20 percent science and 80 percent habit. You’ve probably had the same nutrition habits for years, if not decades. It takes time, strategies specific to your lifestyle, and on-going support to truly change your behaviour and improve your performance. Simply Fit Canada focuses on a precise combination of fuelling and hydrating.

Through the integration of proper food selection, portion control, nutrient timing, and hydration, Simply Fit Canada can help you transform your body composition, increase your energy levels, and improve your performance.

Our nutrition programs will help you develop a better understanding of your current nutritional intake, identify your nutritional requirements, and provide you with a personalized plan.

 Goals of S.F.C. nutrition plans include:

  • Identifying your individual nutrition deficiencies
  • Improving energy levels
  • Improving your body fat percentage
  • Speeding recovery from training

Nutrition programs are included as part of an integrated training program, but are also available as an individual service.

Nutrition the Simply Fit Canada Way

We take the process personally.

We invest in all of our clients, whether a competitive bodybuilder, policeman, high school athlete, or active adult. To achieve this personal approach, each client meets individually for a one-on-one nutrition coaching session to create a plan that supports the client’s nutritional needs, goals and lifestyle. Following the initial consultation, support continues through training programs or individual nutrition programs, providing continued nutrition education, follow-up evaluations, and support strategies as needs and goals evolve.

We understand your needs.

Everyone has different goals, schedules, and lives, and we understand that there isn’t one nutrition strategy that works for everyone. We work with you to create a strategy that best fits your goals and lifestyle, creating simple yet effective ways to ensure you’re getting the proper nutrition your body needs to perform at your best on a daily basis. These strategies are built around any special dietary needs and can help those who find it hard to follow their nutrition plans while on the road.