KB Swings End of Week 2

August 15, 2014:

Friday! Yay! Front squats with swings..not so YaY. This day is the hardest of all the four days so I knew that my time would be slower today and my record breaking pace would come to an end with the squats.

Today I RAMPed up to the weight that I’d use on the squat bar doing only 3 reps to not get too tired. My knee was 75% so we were good to go. The weight on the bar is not what makes this part of the challenge difficult it is the ability to recover and master your breathing moving from swinging to front squatting. After today’s workout was in the books, I looked down at the stop watch and it read 31:17. I was happy with that. The challenge within the challenge? Get the swing/squat time under 30 minutes.

After having completed 48 overhead presses, 48, chins, 48 dips, and 48 squats with 3,200 swings to date, I’m happy with my progress. Time to eat! See you on Monday for the beginning of week 3.

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