KB Challenge Week 5 Day 2

September 4, 2014:

I know..I know.. it’s Thursday and Thursday is day 4. Well some things I have no control over and Monday being off screwed the whole week up making the other days that were left super busy. No complaints at all though. Continuing the good news, I received my watch strap for my watch that I got as a birthday gift a few years ago and I’m so happy that I can finally wear it again!

So today I did chins but decided to add weight to a belt instead of using a band for extra resistance. Still careful of the shoulders I only added 10 lbs which honestly was a joke.

I sped through the swings and now have pretty much hit the fastest I can go which is always around 22 minutes. Today’s time was 21:04 and I’m happy with that. Tomorrow’s plan might not include legs this week. I want to rest my knee which has been feeling slightly better this week. I want it to be close to 90% to start the next phase of my program. Oh.. the next phase? that’s a secret. Talk tomorrow.

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