KB Challenge Week 5 Day 1

September 2,2014:

Happy September…I guess. I hope that everyone had a great long weekend. I was in Boston. What a beautiful city! So I missed yesterday’s workout. Way too much walking around and long , long drives, I was beat.

I think it followed through today as well because I really ,REALLY didn’t feel it today. Boston was nice to see and the people were great as well as the food, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how far away you run, emotions just seem to follow.

Today was just the day after yesterday so I realized that certain doors still aren’t closed and I was sure that that mood would affect my training. IT DID!!

Finished the whole workout in 20:21 seconds!! CRAZY!! but…there’s always a but..that close to 20 minutes! Damn just 20 seconds faster. Next time maybe because it might just be my last week before changing up my training.

I also upped the weight on the overhead press to an even 100 lbs. That was heavy enough for today. See what happens tomorrow.

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