KB Challenge Week 4 Day 3

August 28,2014:

ok so it’s early morning on the 29th but I finished too late last night to record yesterdays workout. I had to switch things up a bit meaning that I did legs yesterday instead of today because of the long drive to Boston after work tonight. A five hour drive after squats …well my knee just wouldn’t take it.

Speaking of my knee, it was sore yesterday but I warmed it up and the weight seemed light. I remember thinking that if I finish under 30 minutes I’d be happy. I find as the week progresses, the more wiped out I am and the harder it is to mentally prepare.

Swings flew by and I was done in 26:28. Not even sure if that was better than my last leg day time. Maybe if any of you are following this, you’ll let me know haha.

Not sure if I’ll have time to write about today’s workout today but I’ll fill you in when I get back from bean town. Have a great long weekend!


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