KB Challenge Week 4 Day 1

August 25, 2014:

The start of this week began with a real day off from work yesterday(Sunday).

I ate well and did my best to sleep as well as could be. I decided to up the weight again this week for shoulder press. 95lbs military press is what we are at now. Doesn’t seem like that much but combined with all my shoulder problems, I’m very surprised that I am upping the weight at all.

Swings are becoming more and more smooth and powerful and faster despite taking my time. Today’s time was the best yet and broke what I thought to be impossible: 25 minutes! I did it in 24:37. My grip and forearms take a beating when I combine shoulder press with swings.

If you are following this blog and wanted to try this challenge, I hope that you caught my video post to give you a few tips on the swing. If not: here is a link:


Talk again tomorrow.

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