KB Challenge Week 3 Day 2

August 19,2014:

I knew that after yesterday’s workout time that today would be hard to beat it. I slept like crap last night, ate like crap last night so…something had to give. My forearms still haven’t recovered from yesterday either; let’s not even talk about my GLUTES!

Ya see the thing with doing exercises that are timed you compete with yourself. That’s good so to speak but…competition leads to some form of cheating usually. Try to be that time at all costs…now…your doing CROSSFIT!!

Today I decided to take it easy and see what would happen. To my surprise I finished in 24:05. I think that if I want to go any faster there will be a definite break in form…NO WAY. The only other way is to push the envelope and take shorter breaks in between rounds which in turn might STILL lead to a break in form. FORM FIRST!

I undertook this challenge as a kinda come back doing something way off the wall to just get me back training again. So far I see a remarkable difference in my condition not to mention the place where the beer belly used to be 🙂

Day off tomorrow. See you on Thursday.



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