KB Swings Day 4

August 8, 2014:

The day started on the wrong foot LAST NIGHT! There was a big neighborhood party outdoors and I decided to sleep with the window open.

It took literally more than 15 minutes at the McDonald’s drive through at 5am this morning to get a simple coffee. See where this is going?

Anyways today I was sleep deprived and I had to do  swings combined with front squats. I wasn’t sure if my kneecap would pop through my skin and break the mirror so I used a relatively light weight 155lbs.

It took a bit longer than yesterday but I was expecting that due to the difficulty of the squat compared to yesterday’s  dips. I finished in 41:14.

Casualties of the day…sore knee of course and more ripped skin. My thoughts after 1 week down and roughly 1,600 swings, 24 overhead presses, 24 dips, 24 chins and 24 front squats are that I’ve gained more flexibility in my shoulders. My posterior is totally worn out but seems to be recovering quicker with every day that I do this. I’m going to start comparing similar days to see if I improve doing the same things, which I should. Then.. after next week… I might just add on an extra set to get this done faster. Have a good week end and we’ll talk again on Monday.

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