My 10,000 Kettlebell Swings Challenge

10,ooo is huge number! It’s huge because through most of my entire life of training I never went past 100 reps on a good day and that day was a long, long time ago.  I decided to put up a challenge to myself. Not a typical “I’m getting back in shape” challenge that I always cop out of. One that scared me. Like REALLY scared me. Scared because I don’t like to fail and this challenge… I just might.

It begins with my friend and foe.. the kettlebell swing. Done with a low rep scheme it is a great exercise for explosiveness as well as strengthening the posterior chain. Done in high reps…it requires CONDITIONING! YIKES the dreaded “C” word.

Seeing as I wanted to try something new this was the ticket. Swings starting with 10, then 15 then 25 and followed by 50 reps. In between each I would do a simple strength move. I chose to do overhead press on one day, chins on another, dips and finish the last day with front squats.

Here’s how it works: do 10 swings then 1 overhead press with your 5 rm. rest 30 – 60 secs then do 15 reps followed by 2 presses; 25 reps with 3 presses and the dreaded 50 reps followed by 4-5 minutes. Repeat this 3 more times for 4 days a week changing the strength moves.

Day 1 August 4, 2014

Didn’t finish. 🙁 I couldn’t get the final 50 reps on the last set. My head was pounding and so was my heart. Seriously out of shape! Good thing I’ve got the rest of the month. It took me 37:37.

Day 2 August 5, 2014

Boy was my butt sore today! How was I supposed  to do the whole thing again? I decided to go slowly. The first 10 reps were just numb. I got to the 50 reps of the first set and was just thinking “there has to be an easier way to count these reps!  Got through it by doing 30 and then just 10 more followed by ok…last 10. I FINISHED!! It took me 44:17 ripped the skin off my ring finger but I did it! Now…. to improve that time. Day off tomorrow.


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